Clubhouse Programs & Services

Clubhouse programs provide members with opportunities to access employment, education, life skills, and other supports they may need.  

We are always adding new services and opportunities for our members.



The Clubhouse is a place to come, make connections, participate in the Work Ordered Day and contribute to the achievement of better mental health.  Spending time at the Clubhouse provides members with the opportunity to create positive routines.


We offer a range of recovery support programs & projects that improve the mental health of individuals and groups through building connection, confidence, life skills, housing and employment opportunities.


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We work collaboratively and in partnership across the Toowoomba region to reduce stigma, improve understanding and create opportunities for people living with mental health challenges.

Before coming to Clubhouse I felt undervalued and lacked confidence. Since coming here, I’ve been able to learn new skills and build my confidence. I enjoy being around other members who know what it’s like to be on a personal mental health journey – I’ve met some really lovely people at Clubhouse.
— Ruth S.

We are always looking for ways in which we can extend the opportunities we provide. Our special projects allow members to broaden their skills and experience and contribute to their own recovery journeys in new ways.

Unleash the Beast Synopsis @ TRC Library 10th Oct
Members have been involved with writing their mental health journeys into stories. The stories will be distributed to coffee shops in Toowoomba and given out with coffee purchases. Find out more at

Before coming to Toowoomba Clubhouse, my depression was severe. I was struggling to meet the right people and trouble seemed to find me. I’ve worked in the gardens at Clubhouse for the last three years and this has helped me build my confidence and feel valued again. I was very unhappy but now, Clubhouse has given me my joy back.
— Gordy O. (The Garden Man)