Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join Clubhouse?

Toowoomba Clubhouse membership is via an application. The main criteria for becoming a member is that you have a mental health diagnosis and that you need a GP referral to confirm that your primary diagnosis is a mental illness. You can download a referral form to take to your GP here.


How do I join Toowoomba Clubhouse?

You can come and see what Clubhouse is like and get all your questions answered by booking a Tour with our Intake Officer here.  After this, if Clubhouse looks like somewhere you would like to come, you then take the application form, complete your part and ask your GP to complete the health professional section.

When you have submitted your application our staff will review it and will let you know within a few days if your membership has been accepted. Then, you are free to join in all the programs and services offered at Clubhouse. If we don’t think that Clubhouse is the best service for you we will do our best to refer you to another service. Please note that if you are a NDIS participant, we do require a current service agreement and budget signed before you are able to access Clubhouse services.


Can a friend/family member come with me to do the tour?

Absolutely. Friends and family are welcome to come and explore the space and see the services and activities that we offer. We encourage friends and family connection with members at Clubhouse.


I only want to find employment, is Toowoomba Clubhouse the right place for me?

Employment is one of our programs so, yes, Toowoomba Clubhouse could be the right place. We offer Job Club weekly on Tuesdays at 10:00am to 12 noon, help DLTE students to complete their studies and conduct tours of local employers (such as Vanguard Laundry). If you have further questions, please contact our Education and Employment Officer Rhea at Please note you do need to be a current member of Clubhouse to access our Employment and Education services.


I’m a support worker looking for somewhere to take my clients, can we just come to Clubhouse for a coffee?

Clubhouse works because members all contribute to the operation of the Clubhouse through the work ordered day.  We are not a day service or drop in centre so if you are only looking to stop and have coffee somewhere, Clubhouse may not be the place for you. If you have clients with a primary diagnosis of a mental illness and are looking for somewhere to help with their recovery, please book for a tour with our Intake Officer. We would be happy to show you our Clubhouse and talk to you about how they could access our programs.


I have an NDIS plan, can I come to Toowoomba Clubhouse?

Absolutely. Toowoomba Clubhouse is a proud NDIS provider. NDIS participants are required to apply for membership like all of our members. Once you are approved, you will make a time to speak with our NDIS Officer about how and when you would like to access Clubhouse, your personal mental health recovery goals and to complete a NDIS budget and service agreement so you can join our work ordered day and programs as part of your NDIS plan.


How many members are in the Clubhouse at any one time?

Member attendance varies with our activities, time of year and the weather.  On average around 30-40 members attend Clubhouse each day. We have around 6-10 members attend our social recreation and daily living skills activities and average approximately 25-30 members on our overnight camps.


How much does it cost to come to Clubhouse?

Membership of Toowoomba Clubhouse is covered by some forms of government funding, and if you have an NDIS plan, you are required to sign a service agreement to access the Clubhouse programs and activities under your NDIS plan. 

Some of our activities have an additional cost for members (including NDIS participants). For example: Lunch is prepared and served daily at 12:00pm and costs members $4 per meal (or $2 on cheap Tuesday). Barista coffee is available during the day at $1 per cup and desserts are $2. The work ordered day and most afternoon activities are no cost, and others are low cost between $5 and $15.