Employment and Education 

Members can be supported to access employment, training and education pathways through a variety of different opportunities.

Discovering Life Through Employment 

Discovering Life Through Employment (DLTE) is a Toowoomba Clubhouse program where participants complete a qualification in a variety of different vocations. Participants are supported by the Project Coordinator and the training organisation to undertake the training and complete assessments. Participants are also supported to find employment as part of the program. 

I am impressed with the amount of support with my studies as well as the flexibility on completing assessment tasks in order to fit into my life.
—  Steve H, DLTE Participant, Certificate III in Business Admin


Qualifications  on Offer

  • Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways
    • Participants can complete  a a few modules in this course and transition to a Certificate III qualification
    • Great qualification for those that need that extra support to gain literacy, numeracy or digital literacy skills before commencing a Certificate III qualification

  • Certificate III Hospitality (Front of House SIT30616), Training through CEDAR Centre
    • Work Experience at Toowoomba Clubhouse Kitchen/Cafe
    • Training through CEDAR Centre one day a week
    • Support from Toowoomba Clubhouse for mental health & study support when needed
    • Support to gain to paid employment

This training is proudly funded and supported by the Queensland Government through its Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative

This program is open to any Tooowoomba Clubhouse Member that is interested in gaining employment. If you or someone you know is interested in signing up as a member or are wanting information membership call 07 4632 4688 or use the online contact us form by clicking the button below!

Participants in the Discovering Life Through Employment Program who study Certificate III in Hospitality are able to complete their work experience shifts at Toowoomba Clubhouse -  assisting other members in the kitchen at lunch as well as participating in the coffee making, table service and cooking of many dinner and breakfast events that happen at Clubhouse. 

The CEDAR Centre have been friendly and supportive during my studies.
— Elise, DLTE Participant, Certificate III in Hospitality  

Job Readiness Program 2018

Clubhouse also has opportunities for members to attend a Job Readiness Program. These programs run once a month starting with a two day workshop. 

This program includes:

  • Job Readiness Workshop - resume writing, cover letter practice (real life job), identifying strengths, managing stress in the workplace and attending mock interviews.The Clubhouse Job Readiness Workshop runs once a month over two days from 10am to 3pm. Please call to ask about the next workshop. 
  • Attending Work Ordered Day Program at Clubhouse to practice turning up to a shift, wearing a 'uniform' and learning practical skills
  • Gaining Feedback from Clubhouse staff to upskill and gain the confidence to enter the workforce

If you’d like to become job ready, please call Clubhouse on 46324688 and book a time to meet with a staff member.

More Information - Education & Employment

If you would like to find more information about Employment & Education opportunities for our members, email emma@toowoombaclubhouse.org.au