Darren Marks –
Team Leader Clubhouse Services

Darren started with Toowoomba Clubhouse in 2010 and prior to that was working in education as well as studying at university. Darren has worked in several roles at Clubhouse including housing, the kitchen, Partners in Recovery and more recently as a Team Leader. Darren has always wanted to be a chef and is pretty awesome in the kitchen at Clubhouse - members regularly request Darren’s roast pork, it’s amazing! Darren’s most memorable Clubhouse experience was in attending 3 weeks training in New York. If Darren wasn’t working for Toowoomba Clubhouse, his dream job would be a courier. He loves driving and getting out and about.


Who would play you in a film?   I think Kung Fu Panda would play me. He is totally in awe of everyone and everything is AWESOME! I can identify with that so definitely, Kung Fu Panda.

 If you were planning a music festival, who – dead or alive – would be your headliner? I’m not a music person so can I have Robin Williams doing stand-up. His stand up is literally the funniest thing I have seen in my life – I just love his work.

You're given an airplane ticket to anywhere in the world – where do you choose to go? At the moment, South America but when the Dakar Rally is on, or maybe France during the Tour de France. Both I think would be great.

What's your favourite memory? When my kids were born and they finally arrived. It was a massive sense of relief when the birthing thing was over and then great to have them finally there with you.

Who is your inspiration? Shane Watts, he’s an off-road motorcycle champion who led the way for Aussies to race overseas. He started with nothing when he first went to the USA, lived out of a van and became a world champion.

You're on a deserted island – what have you brought with you? My wife. With kids, we don’t get to spend much time alone so it’d be a good opportunity. And, I kind of like her company.

Why Toowoomba Clubhouse?  I like seeing people achieve something they didn’t think was possible and surprise themselves in their ability. When they make something happen, I really like explaining to them that I didn’t do the work, they did it themselves.  In a sense, I get to help people become better versions of themselves, whether they are staff or members. That makes my job enjoyable.