Dan Moye  –
NDIS and Intake Officer

Dan’s early career involved smashing up piles of rocks where he would work as a lab assistant and pour rocks and soil into a machine so it could be pounded into dirt and scientists could work out what was in it. Dan has worked for government agencies, CSIRO and private companies and decided that while it was interesting, it wasn’t a lifetime career for him. Dan studied psychology at USQ and did his psychology thesis at Clubhouse. This opened the door for work at Clubhouse and since then Dan has taken on the roles of Volunteer, Partners In Recovery, work on the floor, housing and more recently as Team Leader. Dan considers himself as a gifted sportsperson. He’s not gifted at any one particular sport but is talented in all sports, except cricket. He doesn’t like cricket. That ball is too hard!


Who would play you in a film?  Jim Carrey – I’ve always liked Jim Carrey movies and I like his style of comedy. I also like his clothing – especially in Ace Ventura. I don’t think he’s done a bad movie so he’d be a good pick for me.

If you were planning a music festival, who – dead or alive – would be your headliner? I think I’d have a hip hop festival, but no headline act.  Just a mix of Australian artists and 90s American east coast artists.

You're given an airplane ticket to anywhere in the world – where do you choose to go? I’d go to Madrid, Spain to watch Real Madrid play football. Plus, while I’m there, I’d explore the Mediterranean. I like the sound of the sun, water and relaxing.

What's your favourite memory? When I was a kid, I got into a tin of paint (don’t ask me where I got it from) and painted our clothes dryer pink! I remember that pink dryer came with us everywhere we moved house and over the years it still had flecks of paint on it. It still makes me laugh when I think about it and also that I can remember something that happened more than 20 years ago.

Who is your inspiration? My parents – they raised three children, sacrificed a lot to give us opportunities and this has helped me be thankful for the life that they have given us and allow us to grow up into good people.

You're on a deserted island – what have you brought with you? A hammock - so that I can just hang out.

Why Toowoomba Clubhouse?  I feel passionate about helping people. When I was going to uni, I had to choose between education and psychology. Growing up, I had a good life, so for me it has always been about wanting to do something and give back to people who have been challenged. I thought I would be a better fit with adults so I decided to study psychology and focus on that field.