Better Daily living skills for mental health

Daily living skills is about learning and practising skills that help you gain independence and confidence during your mental health recovery journey. This mental health service program includes skills such as: administration, social media, computing, cleaning, cooking, growing fruit and vegetables, and working as part of a team.

Work Ordered Day

The work ordered day happens every weekday at Toowoomba Clubhouse from 9:00am until 1:00pm.

The day begins with a Morning Meeting for all members and staff, breaks into the Work Unit Meetings for Outback (kitchen) and Frontline (media and administration) where the group decides who will do which tasks for the day.

Members work alongside team members in a cooperative manner to help members achieve their personal mental health recovery goals.

KITCHEN & Cafe Unit

We have a full commercial kitchen that our members run. In this unit members learn everything from basic food safety, knife and cooking skills all the way through to making that perfect barista coffee & customer service experience. Our Kitchen Unit cooks lunch every day and members lead the menu/budget planning, shop for ingredients as well as prepare a variety of healthy meals, five days a week.

Admin and Media Unit

In this unit, members take on a variety of administration and media roles. Our members run the reception area, complete administration tasks, learn how to use computers and use various forms of social media. We rely on members to help us run the Clubhouse so while you learn new skills, you are also helping build our community and promote the service.

Garden Unit

We’re proud of our inner-city garden and our members work hard to produce beautiful fruit and vegetables for our Kitchen Unit to prepare. Members in our Garden Unit work together to plan what we plant, water and weed the garden beds, and learn about permaculture, sustainable gardening and even run a member’s Enviro Club.

Daily Living Skills Mental Health Programs

In addition to our Daily Work Ordered Day, Clubhouse runs the following programs to help members develop their daily living skills:

(MONDAYS 1:00-4:00PM)

A 10 week program aimed at developing healthy cooking skills including recipe hunting, food shopping and meal preparation. Builds independence and skills around healthy food choices. All participants take home a meal serving and the recipe.

(TUESDAYS 1:00-4:00PM)

A weekly group which includes a walk in the great outdoors, an exercise session such as Pilates or Yoga and a healthy habits peer to peer sharing session. Members create a healthy habit of incidental and purposeful exercise and raise their awareness of how to take care of physical health to improve mental health.

(WEDNESDAYS 1:00-4:00PM)

A weekly group which focuses on life skills development, with topics ranging from positive relationship skills, to financial education like basic budgeting skills, to healthy sleep habits, to tips on independent self-care. The program is designed to meet members’ needs and is programmed to assist with specific goals set out in our members’ Individual Recovery Plans. Sessions deliver knowledge and practical skills through talks and sharing peer-to-peer.

Daily Living Skills is just one of the wide range of mental health services and programs available to members of Toowoomba Clubhouse.