Member Profile with Jo O'Shea


[INTERVIEW CONDUCTED by AMIE JENNISON from our Media and Comms Crew]

How did you become a Clubhouse member?

I was walking past on the footpath and felt the need to come in and say hello.

How has Clubhouse helped and affected you?

Addressed some of my core issues and responsibilities to myself

What Is your favourite program at clubhouse?

Coffee and Conversations which starts with a session to practise your communication skills. One way to do this is where you select a conversation card, and together in a group share a conversation using the card as a prompt.

Name the best or most fun or entertaining thing about clubhouse?

Meeting a range of people and enjoying spending time with them expressing myself.

What are some of your hobbies likes and dislikes?

Coffee and chat, meeting exciting people, I like going to Arthouse movies and reading books on neural agents.

What have you learned about the people at Clubhouse?

I have tried to understand their position but not over understand it. You can be too empathetic. Sometimes advice is complex and best left alone because you’re not always able to give them what the need, and in the end ultimately we are all responsible for ourselves.

How has clubhouse helped you in regards to mental health?

It has given me access to professional help and support and support from members in a peer environment.

What would you like to say about Clubhouse?

It provides a source of intervention in your life. It’s a laidback format that doesn’t pressurise you into a set agenda. You can start today. It’s flexible and it’s not a put down, you don’t feel defeated because help is available to get you moving again.

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