Stepping Stones Big Day Out


On Friday the 15th of May, Toowoomba Clubhouse was scheduled to attend the Inter-Clubhouse Games. The day started out well, with fourteen fit and raring to go members ready to give our best at the games. We had our fan club in Ruth and Ashi, who right from the start of the day organised the certificates, drinks, banners, eskies, and chairs. They got our fabulous Toowoomba Clubhouse team on the bus and when the bus driver, on departure, gave us the rundown of our trip, we were ready to do business. As we steadily descended down the range, a phone call came in. Disaster had struck.

The games had been cancelled. After some quick thinking and a phone call back to base, it was decided to press on and make our way to Stepping Stones in Brisbane. This was going to be an adventure. Stepping Stones is the biggest Clubhouse in Australia and is an accredited  training Clubhouse. On arrival  we were greeted with a very warm welcome. We were all a bit bus-lagged, so we ordered in coffees and sat and socialised with some members from Stepping Stones. I found the options at Stepping Stones to be fascinating. The Clubhouse is open seven days a week and they offer breakfast that you can buy in the morning. They also made one of our members a berry smoothie.

Once we settled in, we got an extensive tour of the Clubhouse. The upstairs was a very open area where they had a wall of fame. It displayed members’ photos who had been employed by organisations that work with Stepping Stones. This gave me hope that organisations like Clubhouse can help people get back into work. After our tour we all bunkered down for lunch, which was roast lamb and vegetables. It was delicious. It was a team bonding moment, where we had members from both Toowoomba and Brisbane combining to get the job done. Well done to all those involved.

Finally, it was time for the serious business of the Egg & Spoon race. Many members got involved and we had several heats. The final included a lone Toowoomba Clubhouse competitor, Wayne Polzin, against three rivals from Stepping Stones. Wayne took a very tactical approach, taking it slow and steady and waiting for his opponents to make mistakes. His strategy proved successful when, on the turn, three eggs came crashing down - but not his. Wayne took the lead and overtook the contenders. It was too late for them as he made his way across the finish line in first. He was awarded a certificate for his fine achievement. We all left on a high. We had shared a day together we would always remember.