Mount Tamborine Camp - Canefields Clubhouse and Toowoomba Clubhouse

In the sharpness of an early morn, we packed and boarded the bus to head for Mount Tamborine and the Queensland Community Care (QCC) camp that would cater for us over the next few days. Combining the pleasure of Canefields Clubhouse’s company with Toowoomba Clubhouse and QCC’s hospitality resulted in a very enjoyable trip for everyone.

Lunch was served (a burger for all) on our arrival, and the rest of the day was taken just settling in. Exploration and socialization became the theme until the campfire was lit on the first night.

The next day we broke into two parties, one an ‘active group’ who enjoyed some stunning river  walks and swimming in a series of waterfalls. There was one particular tree that was so tall and big that we could stand in it and it was a strange experience to hear the hum of the treetop wind through the bottom of the tree trunk – just like a real air conditioner.

Option B was a more leisurely shopping trip to the local Mount Tamborine gallery. Here we enjoyed busy streets between novelty shops such as the Germanic-styled cuckoo clock shop.  There was also a gift shop, relaxation centre, and a shop where one of our members brought the broadest of black leather hats! There was also a group that visited the Tamborine Botanic Gardens and enjoyed some spectacular views.

That night the members of both Clubhouse crews combined again in a talent quest. The rousing rendition of a song by the Canefields choir won the show (and a box of chocolates). We then headed back into the great outdoors for our second campfire and some beautiful guitar playing by Canefields staff member Jack Samia. Another social treat!

After another rewarding breakfast, the wonder was that QCC even thought to send us home with food packed for our trip! All in all everyone had a thoroughly good time and there was an overall consensus that we could have done with an extra day. Roll on next camp!

Photoes: Cedar Creek Falls; Dr Rohan P performs surgery on Steve H during the talent show; and Making Campfire Magic (Left to Right: Mark G, Ashi T, Kevin K and Jack S from Canefields Clubhouse)