Staff Profile: Rhea Schulte


How did you come to work at Clubhouse and what inspired you to enter this line of work?

I came to work at Clubhouse when I was doing my nursing diploma which had a mental health component. I was lucky enough to get a training placement at Clubhouse and I was the first person from TAFE doing nursing to be sent here. I put my resume in for a position at the time and I got the job.

Do you enjoy your job and find it satisfying and why?

Yes it’s one of those jobs you look forward to coming to everyday. It is extremely satisfying, it’s just so human and you get to have such great connections with people. So yes I do like my job I think, I love people from all walks of life.

How do you balance work and home life?

I nap when I can (laughs). I have a nanny nap on the weekends and I only work three days a week so I am able to work it in well. It was a bit of a struggle when it was four days a week but with three it works well.

Is it a supportive environment to work in at Clubhouse and why?

It is an extremely supportive environment, in fact I would be scared to leave and go on to employment at any other place because of how supportive the environment is here. We have an amazing CEO and it’s not just the staff, I feel supported by members and that’s huge. When I come to work even if I’m having a bad day, we have awesome members that I can talk to. They are just such wonderful people. It’s an easy environment to feel supported in.

Have you learned things from working at Clubhouse that you didn’t think you would or that inspired you in other areas of your life?

Yes I’ve learned lots in regards to mental illness and stigmas around mental illness and how they are just squashed and often just not true. I just learn so much about people and learn how to communicate better. It has even helped at home with my kids and partner learning how to communicate better and I didn’t expect that.

Do you feel inspired by the other staff members and people at Clubhouse and what about them inspires you?

I’m inspired by the members everyday that’s partly why I enjoy the job so much. Everyone has barriers and challenges but you see people smash through them every day and that’s inspirational in itself. The staff certainly inspire me in the sense of what they’ve learned over their years. I’m still a relatively new staff member, I learn from how they communicate with members.

To just see the people working here and see how hard they work, how driven they are. I would want people to know that people who face mental illness are so driven and so hardworking often. The misconceptions are what I’d like to break down about mental illness.

What is your favourite thing about Clubhouse and its programs?

The socialisation definitely. It seems pretty unique; I don’t know too many places who do the social stuff like we do and I like the opportunities that Clubhouse can present people.

What would you as a worker at Clubhouse want people to know about Clubhouse?

It’s a hard one but I’d just love the whole of Toowoomba to come here and see Clubhouse. It would help to break down the stigma and myths.

Shannon Wade