Art Afternoons with local Aboriginal artist Kim Walmsley

Well known Aboriginal artist, Kim Walmsley, started exploring art as a teenager. Over the years, Kim’s art has expanded through different mediums taught to her through experimental use of materials, textures and design concepts. She explores her connection to her culture and life’s experiences through her art and most recently through working with copper wire. She adds an original and modern feel to the more traditional elements of Aboriginal design.

You can see several large murals of Kim's across Toowoomba, including in Ruthven Street and in the tunnel at Grand Central and she was the artist behind our wall mural in our carpark too.

Kim is holding two Choose Your Own Adventure art afternoons at Clubhouse in September (Friday 6 and Friday 20) - here's some pictures and quotes from members who enjoyed the first afternoon. If you missed the first workshop, call Clubhouse to book in or put your name on the interest sheet for the second workshop on Friday 20 September which will including glass art and lino cutting!

“A peaceful journey to go on” Narelle W (pictured above second from right, with artist Kim Walmsley)

“It inspires me, the beauty of the creativity. It’s in all of us - I encourage everyone to have a go. Keep chipping away at it; just like your recovery.” (pictures above left, with artist Kim)

“Creating a vacant space that gives us such peace” Christian J (pictured above, second from left deep in contemplation).

Shannon Wade