Abbey Dodds –
PIR Support Facilitator


Abbey’s career started as a hairdresser and beauty therapist. Abbey wanted to do this since she was four years old but discovered that the thing she really loved about hairdressing was listening to clients and ultimately putting smiles on people’s faces. She studied Community Services and Counselling and made the move into Youth Services and then Toowoomba Clubhouse. Abbey has worked as a mental health recovery worker and more recently as a PIR Support Facilitator. When she is working on the floor she has the knack for encouraging members to try new things, always at their own pace. Abbey’s two favourite things to do are to go to the beach and do scrapbooking – not at the same time but, there are a lot of beach photos in Abbey’s scrapbooks.

Who would play you in a film? Jennifer Aniston – People say I look like her but for me, I like her because she is quirky and real and down to earth, and that’s a lot like me.

If you were planning a music festival, who – dead or alive – would be your headliner?  I love music but don’t really have any big favourites. Recently I’ve been enjoying some country music – I like the lyrics because they are real and from the heart. So, if I had to choose, I think I’d get Keith Urban to play for me.

You're given an airplane ticket to anywhere in the world – where do you choose to go?  I’d fly to Europe and go on a cruise. For me it’s not about going to Europe but more about going on a cruise in a different country. I love seeing the different ships and I think the European cruises are deluxe – something I’d really like to do again.

What's your favourite memory? When my niece was born – family is really important to me and I love that I have a bond with her from such an early age.

Who is your inspiration? Joyce Myer – she’s an inspirational speaker. I feel like I learn and grow from her speeches and always take something away from when I hear her.

You're on a deserted island – what have you brought with you? My husband – he’s my best friend and I know that he is so practical and skilled, he would definitely increase my chances of survival.

Why Toowoomba Clubhouse? I love supporting people in any way I can. For me, whatever work I do, that has to be at the core of where I work. I thrive at Toowoomba Clubhouse because I get to work with and watch members grow, follow their dreams and passions. That really makes my role fulfilling.